Publications – Year 2010+

Title Report Number Author(s) Date Presented/Published
Nanotechnology in Concrete – A Review. CBU 10-01 Sanchez F. and Sobolev K.  2010 Published in Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 24, No. 11, 2010, pp.  2060-2071.
Simultaneous methane production and wastewater reuse by a membrane-based process: Evaluation with raw domestic wastewater CBU 11-01 Gao, D.W., An, R., Tao, Y., Li, J., Li, X. X., Ren, N. Q.  2011 Published in Journal of Hazardous Materials, 186: 383-389
Mechanical characterization of a cellulose nanofiber and bio-based epoxy composite CBU 12-01 Masoodi, R., Elhajjar, R.,    Pillai, K., and Sabo, R.  2012 Published in Materials & Design,. 36:570-576
Modeling and Characterization of the Moisture Dependent Bilinear Behavior of Regenerated Cellulose Composites CBU 13-01 Elhajjar, R. F., and Qamhia, I. I.  2013 Published in Journal of Wood Science, 2013. 59(4): 331-336
Application of Fly Ash in ASHphalt Concrete: From Challenges to Opportunities CBU 13-02 Sobolev, K., Flores, I., Bohler, J.D., Faheem, A., and Covi, A.  2013 World of Coal Ash Conference, USA, 2013.
Self-assembling particle-siloxane coatings for transferring concrete towards superhydrophobicity CBU 13-03 Flores-Vivian I., Hejazi V., Kozhukhova M.I., Nosonovsky M., and Sobolev K.  2013 Published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5(24), 2013, 13284-94.
From superhydrophobicity to icephobicity: forces and interaction analysis CBU 13-04 Hejazi V.,    Sobolev K. and Nosonovsky M.  2013 Published in Nature Scientific Reports, 3:2194, 2013.
Comparison of Steel Slag Aggregate Test Results with Historical Wisconsin Aggregate Test Data CBU 13-05 Tabatabai, H., and Lee, C.-W.  2013 CBU Report
Mechanical Properties and High-Temperature Performance of a Polyester Resin Modified Using FGD Gypsum CBU 13-06  Tabatabai, H., and Janbaz, M.  2013 CBU Report
Superhydrophobic Engineered Cementitious Composites for Highway Bridge Applications: Technology Transfer and Implementation CBU 13-07  Sobolev, K., Tabatabai, H., Zhao, J., Flores-Vivian, I., and Muzenski, S.  2013 Final Report, CFIRE 06-03, National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education, 2013.
Static and Dynamic Characterization of Cellulose Nanofibril Scaffold-Based Composites CBU 14-01 Qamhia, I., Sabo, R., and Elhajjar, R.  2014 Published in Bioresources Journal, 9(1): 381-392
Quasi-Isotropic Triaxially Braided Cellulose-Reinforced Composites CBU 15-01 Qamhia, I. I., Shams, S. S. and    El-Hajjar, R. F.  2015 Published in Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 22(12), 988-995
Design, Processing and Characterization of Triaxially Braided Natural Fiber Epoxy based Composites CBU 15-02 Qamhia, I., and Elhajjar, R.  2015 Published in Biocomposites:  Design and Mechanical Performance, Woodhead Publishing. ISBN 178242394 
Characterization and Processing of Nanocellulose Thermosetting Composites CBU 15-03 Sabo R, Elhajjar R, Clemons C,      Pillai K.  2015 Published in Pandey JK, Takagi H, Nakagaito AN, Kim H-J, editors. Handbook of Polymer Nanocomposites Processing, Performance and Application: Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 2015. p. 265-95.
 Beneficial Use of Dredged Materials in Fly-Ash-Based Alkali-Activated Concrete CBU 15-04 Dashti, S., and Tabatabai, H.  2015 CBU Report
Effect of Coal Cobustion Products on High Temperature Performance of Asphalt Mastics CBU 15-05  Bautista, E.G., Flickinger, J., Saha, R., Flores-Vivian, I., Faheem, A.F., and Sobolev, K.  2015 Construction and Building Materials, Published by Elsevier, Vol. 94, 2015.
Dynamics of Droplet Impact on Hydrophobic / Icephobic Concrete with Potential for Superhydrophobicity CBU 15-06 Ramachandran R., Sobolev K. and Nosonovsky M.  2015 Published in Langmuir, 31 (4), 2015, 1437-1444.
The performance of stress-sensing smart fiber reinforced composites in moist and sodium chloride environments CBU 15-07 Hoheneder J., Flores-Vivian I., Lin Z.,      Zilberman P. and Sobolev K.  2015 Construction and Building Materials, Published by Elsevier, Vol. 94, 2015.
Modern Developments Related to Nanotechnology and Nanoengineering of Concrete CBU 16-01 Sobolev K.  2016 Published in Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, 2016, Vol 10 (20), pp. 131-141.
Nano-Engineered Cements with Enhanced Mechanical Performance CBU 16-02 Sobolev K., Lin Z., Flores-Vivian I., Pradoto R.  2016 Published in Journal of American Ceramic Society, 2016, Vol 99 (2), pp. 564–572.
Mechanical characterization of scalable cellulose nano-fiber based composites made using liquid composite molding process CBU 16-03 Barari, B., Ellingham, T. K., Qamhia, I. I.,  Pillai, K. M.,       El-Hajjar, R., Turng, L. S., and Sabo, R.  2016 Published in Composites Part B: Engineering, 84, 277-284
Nanocellulose enabled electronics, energy harvesting devices, smart materials and sensors:  a review CBU 16-04 Sabo, R., Yermakov, A.,  Law, C., and Elhajjar, R.  2016 Published in Journal of Renewable Materials, 4(5): 297-312
Class F Fly Ash Assessment for Use in Concrete
CBU 17-01 Sobolev, K.,
Moini, M.,
Tabatabai, H.,
Titi, H.,
Pradoto, R.,
Kozhukhova, M.,
Flores-Vivian, I., and
Muzenski, S.
 2017 WisDOT Report No. 0092-15-10, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, 2017.