Concrete Lab

Test Equipment and Capabilities:

  • ASSHTO/ASTM tests of aggregates, cement and concrete.• The 2,000 kN (400,000 lbf) compression testing system with a rapid-change platen mounting system for AASHTO/ASTM cylinder, cube, beam, and block specimen testing with calibration accuracy to ASTM E4, EN/ISO 7500-1.
  •  The AASHTO/ASTM flexural and transverse tests based on 100 kN (20,000 lbf) Flexural Machine.
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (ASSHTO).
  • Durability assessment: freeze-thaw resistance, rapid chloride permeability, accelerated corrosion
  • Various equipment for ASTM/AASHTO tests of aggregate properties, fresh and hardened concrete properties, durability (extreme freeze-thaw testing), UV exposure testing, and rapid chloride permeability testing.
  • Various compression and flexural test machines.