Pavement Lab

A wide variety of test equipment are available in the Pavement and Geotechnical Laboratory including:

  • Instron FastTrack 8802 closed loop servo-hydraulic dynamic materials test system
  • Gyratory Compactor with PC connection
  • Dynamic repeated load and static triaxial test;
  • Vacuum Pycnometer and vacuum pump
  • Indirect tension test frame
  • Grain size analysis shakers (sieve analysis)
  • Temperature-controlled hydrometer path
  • Specific gravity determination equipment
  • Atterberg limits (plastic and liquid limit of soils)
  • Automatic soil compactor (Standard and Modified Proctor test)
  • Digital-controlled ovens, automated direct shear test system
  • Automated soil consolidation system
  • Vibratory table for determination of relative density of cohesionless soils
  • Unconfined compression test system
  • Digital scales
  • Drying ovens, etc.
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