Composites Lab

The Engineering Mechanics and Composites (EMC) Laboratory is located on the third floor of the Engineering and Material Science Building of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. As part of the Center of Advanced Materials Manufacturing and the Center for Byproducts Utilization at UWM, this facility houses the research equipment concerned with the manufacturing, testing, characterization and nondestructive evaluation of polymer and non-polymer based composite materials.

Equipment and Testing:

  • Digital Image Correlation System (DIC): Dantec Dynamics Q400. Full-field non-contact 3D and 2D for strain analysis in materials under static and fatigue investigations. High intensity LED lighting system and microscope attachments. High speed deformation measurement and fracture mechanics.
  • Immersion Ultrasonic Scanner (UT): Tec Scan Systems UT1-3D. Materials modulus characterization, Defect Analysis and Thickness Measurements. Pulse Echo and Thru Transmission modes. Frequency range from 100KHz to 20 MHz.
  • Data Acquisition System: LabView NI-Compact DAQ. 8 channels. Chassis can connect to a host computer over USB, Ethernet, or 802.11 WiFi or operate stand-alone with a built-in controller. Temperature, Resistance, Bridge-based Strain, Voltage and Current Measurements. Integrated with LabVIEW 2013 programming environment for DAQ and control of hardware.
  • Compression Molding Press: Wabash MPI GE30GH. Fully programmable compression molding of rubber/elastomers, cellulose nano composites, liquid silicones, gum silicones, various TPR’s, thermosets and plastics, as well as various bonding and laminating applications. Load capacity from 10lbs to 30 tons. Temperature control capacity up to 500 degrees F. Water and air cooling.
  • Environmental Chamber: ESPEC ESX-2CA. Temperature and humidity control. Environmental Degradation. Specimen Conditioning. Temperature range -70 to 150 C. Fully programmable, integrates with DAQ. Includes window and access ports.
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