Advanced Cement Matls Lab

The Advanced Cement Materials Laboratory at UWM is a state-of-the-art facility for advanced research on cement and concrete materials.

Equipment and Capabilities:

  • Equipment for mixing cement composites
  • Milling equipment.
  • Compression, Bending and Splitting Machine: ELE ADR-Auto 2000 – 2000kN Max. Capacity; and ADR-Auto 250/25 – 250 kN Max.Capacity
  • Admixtures and nano-materials processing equipment
  • Isothermal calorimetry unit (TAM air)
  • Mercury Porosimeter (Mi Micromeritics autopore IV): Determines the pore size distribution and pore volume of materials. Materials with low surface areas such as powdered metals, glass fibers, and natural organic materials can also be analyzed.
  • Environmental Chamber – 14 Cubic Foot Platinous Chamber: Temperature Range: -70 to 180°C (-94 to 356°F); Humidity Range: 10 to 98% RH
  •  Nitrogen oxides analyzer: Thermo 42i HL  from Thermo
  • Ultrasonicator – UIP1000hd  from Hielscher: Testing and processing of liquids at 20kHz, 1000W
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