May 2017 – CBU Will Participate in Workshop on Nano-Engineered Meta-Materials

The International Workshop on Nano-Engineered Meta-materials for Civil Infrastructure will be held May 20-21 in Jinan, China. Prof. Konstantin Sobolev will represent CBU at this workshop.

April 2014 – CBU Research Featured in Inside Science

The work of CBU Researchers (Dr. Konstantin Sobolev and graduate student Scott Muzenski) on superhydrophobic cementitious composites is featured in Inside Science. Read it here.

September 2013 – CBU in Transition

Following the retirement of the Founder and long-time Director of CBU, Prof. Tarun Naik, a new leadership team and a revamped CBU organization has emerged. The new CBU will develop a multi-disciplinary and cross disciplinary Center dedicated to the growth and continued success of CBU.  To that end, CBU has developed four focus areas: concrete materials (its historical primary focus); pavement materials; environmental engineering; and composite materials. We have begun a process to develop partnerships with industry, other universities, and government agencies for sponsored research, joint research, product development, specialized/complex testing, and student internship/co-op placement.